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Secure; safety against break-in and theft

Secure; safety against break-in and theft

High-quality; clean, well-maintained containers

Buy Shipping Containers (Sea Cans or Conex Boxes)

We have a huge selection of shipping containers for sale, If you’d like to purchase either a NEW or USED unit, Container King will coordinate both the sale and delivery of your unit right to your door. If you are looking for Custom Containers with specific modifications, we can take care of it! Container King also offers roll-up doors, vents, windows, personnel doors, and many other custom container options at affordable prices. We also offer a full suite of accessories to help you maximize your storage container or trailer. how much is a shipping container

Highly secure with lockable door handles, fully portable, safe, and weatherproof – the perfect solution for virtually any on-site and off-site storage project. Order what you need; lease or buy a variety of sizes and materials that are sure to meet your needs. how much is a shipping container


We convey compartments when and where required inside Texas and Oklahoma, frequently in just 24 hours, however on the off chance that you want it today or over the course of the end of the week just let us know!

Compartments are followed through on a slant bed truck. The driver slants the bed up, and the compartment contacts the ground. The driver then drives free from the compartment. how much is a shipping container

The region should be level and liberated from hindrances to permit the driver to get the conveyance trailer into place. Make certain to really take a look at the whole access way to check whether you have no less than 14 feet of above leeway from the beginning the absolute bottom of anything above like structure shades, trees, and utility lines. To get free from the compartment the driver needs essentially the length of the holder and the slant bed truck, in an orderly fashion. This can ultimately depend on 120 feet with a 40′ holder or 90 feet with a 20′ compartment. The stacked slant bed truck requires 12-foot wide leeway. how much is a shipping container

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  • High-quality; clean, well-maintained containers
  • Secure; safety against break-in and theft
  • Delivered fast – when and where you need it!
  • Exceptional customer service; your satisfaction is our priority!

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