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Container Offices

storage container offices

Our mobile offices are available for sale

and their mobile nature allows them to move from place to place.

Each unit is equipped with features such as ground-level access,

also, full insulation,

an electrical package including air conditioning easy to maintain walls

and floors man door access,

and much more multiple floor plans include

a 10″ guard shack, a 20′ open-door bay,

20′ half office\half storage, 40′ open bay,

40′ half office/half storage

used office containers for sale

Reused transporting compartments convey

an adaptable

and versatile ground-level office you can depend on long into the future.

moreover, Our floor plans for environment-controlled workplaces

and bathrooms incorporate office-grade completions

and turnkey power and plumbing.

also, Use them as a strong answer for field tasks

or a snazzy choice for renting workplaces.

used office containers for sale

Any place you go, you can take your compartment-based work area with you.

The open-holder office gives a clean

and proficient work area in a protected,

environment-controlled climate.

This turnkey, versatile ground-level office arrangement

can be put straightforwardly on the ground

and incorporates a solid, steel faculty door.

shipping container office

Add a pre-plumbed half restroom

to the open-compartment office for added solace and comfort.

Place of work directors, renting specialists,

and guests will see the value in this containerized office space

and a spotless bathroom with a flush toilet.

container office

If you really want two separate

work areas in a single environment-controlled,

portable ground-level office,

think about the 40-foot double office.

Partitioned by a strong, floor-to-roof wall,

every office is furnished with its own steel staff entryway

and air conditioning unit to give both security and comfort.

office container

Like the 40-foot double office,

the 40-foot double office

with a half-washroom incorporates

two unmistakable workplaces with independent doors

and central air units.

A common half washroom, open from the two workplaces,

adds comfort to this turnkey versatile office configuration.

office containers

The store and work compartment office

is a portable work area with the comfort

of capacity incorporated into the floor plan.

The isolated stockpiling

and office spaces have their own

doorways to forestall disturbances to the workplace segment,

which accompanies protection and environmental control.

office storage containers

The switch setup to our 40-foot store and work compartment,

the work and store design offers extended,

environment-controlled ground-level office space with a decreased stockpiling segment.

Every region has its own entry for added privacy.

container office for sale

The 40-foot work environment

delivering compartment consolidates work and gathering space under one rooftop.

The floor plan incorporates three unmistakable work areas for security, and individual central air units guarantee solace from one space to another. The meeting region effectively converts to a lounge, document room or meeting room.

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