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10 Ft New Container

10 Ft New Container

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10 Ft New Container

10 Ft New Container shipping container consider a standard container.

But because their size is more unique, they do not utilize as often in shipping service.

Therefore the majority of them are only available in “one trip” condition.

A “one trip” container is only shipped once from the factory to the USA.

This container is built with CORTEN anti-corrosive steel. CORTEN steel has better rust properties than conventional steel.

This contributes to the improved longevity of shipping containers.

10 ft new shipping container Oakdale ca

The container floors are built with 1-1/8” marine-grade plywood.

The quality of this plywood surpasses that of regular plywood because of its high density.

The high density helps prevent fungi and termites. 10 Ft New Container

Because it is a specialty container, a trip 10ft container is often more expensive than a 20ft one-trip container.

But if you have limited space, it is a great option!

10 ft new shipping container Oakland ca

Freight comes in all shapes and sizes,

and sometimes large containers can simply be too large.

After all, containers take up space and can be too heavy.

For cargo for which a 20-foot standard container is at least two times too large,

K-trainer offers the 10ft Container. 10 Ft New Container

Freight comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes large containers can simply be too large.

After all, containers take up space and can be too heavy.

For cargo for which a 20-foot standard container is at least two times too large, K-trainer offers the 10ft Container.

container One is the main provider of 10′ folding steel trailers. 10 Ft New Container

They’re conveyed imploded and are extremely simple to collect and ship.

10′ units are wonderful to use for capacity and as a shed in both private and business settings.

What’s Incorporated

14 imploded units of the 10′ compartments and it arrives in a 40′ High Solid shape 1 Outing (40HC1TRIP) holder

Each request will incorporate 14, 10′ folding holders, and a solitary 40′ High 3D shape 1 Excursion

(40HC1TRIP) compartment adding up to 15 holders. 10 Ft New Container

Cost incorporates our industry-driving 5-year primary assurance notwithstanding our 5-year no-spill ensure.
Our scope of one outing (new)

10ft steel trailers are accessible from numerous stations.

We routinely have clumps arriving in Felixstowe and Southampton, which get appropriated around the UK.

With an extremely high spec construct, and with green/blue variety choices, 10 Ft New Container

if you searching for a drawn-out site capacity arrangement with not much space accessible, you can’t turn out badly with these.

10 ft new shipping container Oakland ca Craiglist

These one excursion transporting compartments offer magnificent long haul esteem and ought to last anything up to age with chivalrous use.

The plant-fitted high-security lock box gives added insurance against gatecrashers,

while the additional high-locking handles make these compartments more straightforward to open on the ground.

one outing 10ft transportation container with twofold freight entryways on one of the more modest 8ft sides,

this opens into a solid freight space with a marine treated compressed wood floor.

A few reaches are presently showing up with eco-cordial bamboo flooring.

The top seal on our bamboo floor choice likewise gives a non-permeable wrap-up

significance the floor will be impervious to little oil slicks and comparative. 10 Ft New Container

Various producers can put either 4 or 2 locking bars on the entryways as you can find in the pic to one side.

While CSC plated at the point of supply, transporting a 10ft steel trailer with cargo in around the world is ordinarily not down to earth.

Most transportation lines will send it and ask that you load the 10 ft onto a 20ft level rack

or stage compartment and afterward transport it as level rack freight.

This will normally be an impressive sum more than delivering a standard 20ft steel trailer.

It could sound senseless yet transporting a half vacant 20ft compartment will typically

be a less expensive generally speaking choice.

All new 10ft transportation accompany forklift pockets as standard.

Costs of 10ft new steel trailers change contingent upon the dollar rate and neighborhood geological accessibility.

With great notification of important matters, we can move stock to suit (and ideally lessen your expenses!)

If it’s not too much trouble, reach us for a statement and accessibility subtleties on this or some other reach.

For static capacity use, we in all actuality do likewise offer our scope of repaired 10ft capacity compartments.

These are made by chopping down utilized 20ft or 40ft compartments to the site. 10 Ft New Container

They accompany a lock box (latch cover) and a repaint in your decision of essential tone.

These can frequently come at a significant saving to the one excursion choices.

If it’s not too much trouble, be prompted that these are sold as ‘one excursion compartments’ and are not pristine. Our steel trailers are all implicit in the plant in China or the far east and have done 1 excursion into the UK since the new. Some minor corrective wear might be clear from this underlying outing. Minor scratches and scratches are sensibly normal, as are tire marks inside your holder where a forklift truck or comparative might have dumped products from inside the compartment. 10 Ft New Container

Our holders are all examined in our UK terminals before the deal and are sold with our breeze and watertight assurances. You can peruse more on what wear we consider OK in our new article what’s in store from a one excursion steel trailer.
8FT and 10FT Compartments
From our base in Suffolk, we sell scope of 8ft and 10ft steel trailers for use on building locales,

business associations, scholastic establishments, and family capacity needs. 10 Ft New Container

8FT Steel trailers Available to be purchased UK

The littlest of the standard measured steel trailers, the 8ft holder is likewise lower in level (7ft 3in – 2.2m) contrasted with a standard steel trailer (8ft 6in – 2.6m). The one outing 8ft compartments are new holders moved inside 10ft compartments from our Chinese production line providers, being perfect and vermin confirmation they make ideal capacity for the overwhelming majority business needs. Utilized 8ft steel trailers are seldom accessible however we can chop down holders to any measure so kindly send us an internet-based inquiry. Any new or utilized holder can be fitted with a scope of standard compartment extras including electrics and racking, or a total change by our holder transformation group. 10 Ft New Container

10FT Steel trailers Available to be purchased UKthe

Shockingly 10ft compartments are generally around similar cost as their 20ft new and utilized counterparts. The principal reason is the expense of conveying 10ft holders from plants in China, though the 20ft one excursion compartments are equipped for being delivered with paying freight, the 10fts must be moved void. Thus most second-hand 10ft holders are chopped down from a bigger compartment. Consequently, if you have efficient room, you could likewise think about utilizing a 20ft compartment. Any new or utilized compartment can be fitted with a scope of standard holder extras including electrics and

racking, or for a total change by our compartment transformation group.

De 10ft high shape holder is een klein formaat compartment en in omvang bijna gelijk aan de standaard 10ft holder. Echter de high shape variation van de 10ft opslagcontainer is 30 cm hoger dan de standaard. De high shape holders in 10ft formaat bieden je daarmee iets meer opslagruimte binnen hetzelfde grondoppervlak; fijn als je iets meer spullen wither opslaan. Omgerekend heb je 1ft extra hoogte.

10ft New Steel trailers

Need a little stockpiling holder for long-haul use? Albeit 10ft recycled transporting holders offer incredible incentive for cash, whenever broadened long difficult situations free use, or an unrivaled corrective condition are significant you might wish to think about a 10ft new steel trailer. In the UK, most new ISO holders are otherwise called ‘one outing compartments’, as they are fabricated in China and sent over with freight, so the odd scratch or scrape mark from taking care of is normal. Other than some proof of dealing with, a one excursion holder will be as new. 10 Ft New Container

We change the greater part of our 10 ft compartments from these one outing holders, which either be a standard estimated 20ft compartment or a 40ft compartment, by paring them down and repairing them with either another entryway or a new end wall. We utilize high areas of strength to measure this change, to ensure your holder is watertight and gives unrivaled degrees of solidarity and security.

10 Ft New Container

This interaction permits us to offer an interesting decision of various entryway types, each intended for various necessities of our clients.
Utilized compartments ought to give you comparative advantages as new holders. As the costs are lower, you will have an underlying expense saving yet the holders will be cosmetically sub-par and won’t keep going as long. 10 Ft New Container

We can prompt whether a 10ft new steel trailer or utilized is best for your prerequisites. If you want a touch more level, decide on a high 3D square compartment, which stands a foot taller than the standard size at 9ft6 high.

They are a well-known size for changing over into synthetic stores and little workplaces, and when employed lined and protected make an incredible climate for the capacity of desk work and fragile things. 10 Ft New Container

We additionally supply 10ft new steel trailers in slender widths: our SlimeLine® range offers new 10fts in any width from 4ft wide to 7ft wide. For transportation, we hold great loads of ISO 10fts which hold the first corner posts and are confirmed for delivery. Our 10-foot compartments are all conveyed at intensely limited rates, making week-by-week races to all regions of the UK.


  • CORTEN anti-corrosive all-steel construction
  • Marine grade plywood
  • Secure lockbox
  • Manufactured to ISO Specifications
  • Forklift Pockets (on most units)
  • Side vents for airflow


  • Secure & Watertight
  • Ground Level Access
  • New Container
  • Temporary or Permanent Storage
  • Delivery is Available via tilt-bed or flatbed trailer. Note: Delivery by flatbed requires a forklift to offload the container at the delivery location.
  • Delivery Requires 60-80ft of space


Length: 10ft.
Length: 9ft. 7in.
Width: 7ft. 8in.
Weight: 3,000 lbs.
Width: 8ft.
Width: 7ft. 8in.
Height: 7ft. 10in.

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  1. Justin Rodriguez

    Great delivery
    Good customer services
    I’ll recommend y’all

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    If this used one landed as clean as it was
    I think the new will be great
    Sending quote soon

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  4. Charles Cooper

    I have only have a small problem
    My 20ft double box wasn’t delivered at the right spot
    But I really preciate y’all once more
    2/2 hope job well done will be done with next order.

  5. Allen Henley

    Superb customer service
    I will ship again with you guys

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    Got my 40ft high cube container will be shipping again soon

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    Just received my trip 40 hc to 50659

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