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20ft double door containers

20ft double door containers


20 Ft New Double Door Container

20ft double door containers A twofold entryway holder is developed equivalent to a standard ISO steel trailer.

It has a similar 14 check ridged steel boards and 1-1/8″ thick marine grade pressed wood floor.

A standard steel trailer or capacity compartment has freight entryways toward one side.

20ft double-door containers

firstly this compartment has a second arrangement of Unique Hardware Fabricated

(OEM) entryways introduced by the maker on the furthest edge of the holder from the first holder entryways.

This second arrangement of entryways works with stacking/dumping and gives extra secure admittance to the compartment.

secondly A one-outing holder is just delivered once from the plant to the USA.

This holder is worked with CORTEN hostile to destructive steel. 20ft double-door containers

CORTEN steel has preferable rust properties over regular steel. This adds to the better life span of steel trailers.

The floors are produced using 1-1/8″ marine grade pressed wood whose properties incorporate extremely low dampness content,

also forestalling parasites, and termites.

20 double-door shipping container

The 20′ DD for example Burrow Holder is an exceptionally viable compartment for the project

secondly stacking where stacking should be finished from the two closures.

The Passage Compartment likewise offers a speedy answer for instance at a building site,

where a protected entry through the building site should be organized.

Both swinging doors can be locked, so the entry can be immediately impeded by shutting the entryways.

also All our 20′ DD Compartments are ISO-consistent and appropriate for cargo use (CSC).

The floor material in the holders is bamboo or compressed wood, and they accompany standard ventilation valves.

Taking care of with a forklift or by lifting from the corner pieces.

shipping container double doors

The holder is additionally accessible as an HC model, which is approx. 30 cm higher than the essential model.

also A few extras are likewise accessible for the 20′ DD Compartment.

The 20ft Double Doors Container is a specialized container featuring opening doors

on both ends to make for easy access of goods when containers are stacked side by side and on top of each other.

shipping container double door

De 20ft Swinging doors Holder is 6 meter diep en kan aan beide kanten worden geopend.

Hierdoor is dit type holder nét iets handiger dan onze 20ft standaard zeecontainer.

Je hoeft minder na te denken welke spullen je voor-of achterin de holder plaatst,

need je kunt er te allen tijde gemakkelijk bij. Dit type holder is ook leverbaar in een kleinere maat.

double side door container

Deze 20ft Swinging doors Holder wordt standaard geleverd met een houten vloer.

Indien gewenst kunnen we dit aanpassen naar een stalen vloer (met enemy of slip profiel).

Vanzelfsprekend uit voorraad leverbaar en desgewenst in assorted RAL-kleuren gespoten afgeleverd.


  • CORTEN anti-corrosive all-steel construction
  • Marine grade plywood
  • Secure lockbox
  • Manufactured to ISO Specifications
  • Forklift Pockets (on most units)
  • Side vents for airflow


  • Secure & Watertight
  • Ground Level Access
  • New Container
  • Temporary or Permanent Storage
  • Delivery is Available via tilt-bed or flatbed trailer. Note: Delivery by flatbed requires a forklift to offload the container at the delivery location.
  • Delivery Requires 60-80ft of space


Length: 20ft.
Length: 19ft. 2in.
Width: 7ft. 8in.
Weight: 5,070 lbs.
Width: 8ft.
Width: 7ft. 8in.
Height: 7ft. 5in.


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